Become a Brand Ambassador for EyeLashAmore LTD

Are you an established qualified lash technician who already regularly uses our products and loves our brand? Do you have a passion for lashing? Do you have great active social media accounts with a good following?

As an EyeLashAmore Brand Ambassador you will:

  • Be the first to test new products and submit feedback
  • Feature on our website
  • Receive 25% discount off our online shop for your personal use ( for example we create code with your name : Name25)
  • Have the option of being an EyeLashAmore affiliate and earn commission on sales.
  • Your followers get 15% off their orders( for example we can create discount code with your name and this is how we will know that order came from you and you will earn commission and you get paid monthly total to your bank account) ( discount code example for your followers: followers15 – apply at checkout)

In return we require you:

  • To be regularly active in Eyelash Extension Facebook groups and forums. You need to already be a member of several groups/forums
  • To maintain a professional image and reputation both online and in person
  • To already use EyeLashAmore products on a regular basis
  • To post lash related material on at least a weekly basis on Instagram/Facebook using the hashtag #eyelashamore and if you do have girls who does nails #amorenails
  • To exclusively represent EyelashAmore Ltd and not be connected to another lash brand or post about any other lash brands.
  • To have an active account on at least one social media platform
  • To be a fully certified and trained lash technician ( if not yet just send us some of your work to inspect)

2nd option:

Buy minimum of 100 Eyelashamore trays for very discounted price and whatever you sell, profits is yours.

If in the future you want our lashes and glue with you private logo we can do that as well.

In short, we love to create these special programs by thinking about it from the lash artists point of view. Because after all, what we do NEEDS to benefit the lash artist first and foremost. This is teamwork, NOT a clever business tactic.

And for that reason, we don’t run our ambassador program like anyone else. There are no sales targets, no minimum monthly spends, no minimum follower requirements, no contracts, no “do this, do that”.

Instead, we like to team up with lash artists that share the same values and beliefs as us. Lash artists that deserve to be seen. Lash artists that want to do good in the industry.

And when we come across the right lash artist, we’ll do everything in our power to help them succeed.

Because you see, if a lash artist succeeds, so do we and that’s exactly why and how it works!

If you wish to apply then please email us and we will be in touch.