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What adhesive suits me?
Every lash artist will work at a different speed and in a different environment (different temperature and humidity levels), as such it is impossible for there to be one adhesive that suits all.
Therefore, the artist will always have to work by “trial and error” to find an adhesive that suits their personal working environment and their clients – (some client’s lashes are dry, some oily) as such it can never be one glue suits every client. Of course, it is a pain to have to purchase multiple adhesives, but it is the only way to find out which adhesive suits you or your client.
This is the reason why we offer a wide range of adhesives and not just one, so that we can provide adhesives to suit every artist.
My adhesive is taking too long to cure, what should I do?
Simply increase your temperature and humidity to speed up the curing process.
My adhesive is curing too quickly, what should I do?
Simply decrease your temperature and humidity to slow down the curing process.

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