EyeLashAmore Crystal Clear glue


Transparent Eyelash Extensions Lash Glue (5ml) Recommended by EyeLashAmore for Experts:
This Crystal Clear Adhesive For Our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions. The Transparent Glue is Thicker so the Lash Extensions Don’t Wick Which Means the Russian Volume Fans Won’t Close Up and Makes Wrapping Easier.
Eyelash Extension Adhesive is Strong Strength Clear Glue and has Great Long Lasting Adhesion Strength with Fast Drying Time. 1s-2s depends on room temperature and humidity

Eyes must be kept closed at all times when using this glue.
Recommended for professional use only.
Large Bottle: 5ml – Once opened use within 3 months. Sample option available.
Contains Ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate, Cyanoacrylate

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