EyeLashAmore Best Hand Tested Volume Tweezers with ruler


These newly designed tweezers have the largest sweet spot ever seen on a pair of lash tweezers and takes the pain out of fanning. When you have The Answer in your tool kit, you can trust each and every fan made will be picked up whole, and stay in perfect formation as you pick up your adhesive and adhere to the natural lash. It even has our lash ruler on the tip so you can assess each and every natural lash. Once you know the length and thickness you can work out the exact safe amount of lashes you can use in your fan. Brilliant!

Care instructions:
Do NOT leave in sanitising/sterilising solution for more than 20 mins
Dry off the tweezers thoroughly before storing
Do NOT drop
Store in a protective tube with the protective tip cover
Do NOT use these tweezers for any other task than creating fans (precision of the tips will be lost)

EyeLasAmore isolation tweezers here

These tweezer is one of our best selling products, which you can see by the reviews and praise of this product not only on here but on various social media pages.
Each tweezer is hand tested, this takes hours and only those that meet my high standards will pass and make it to the shop (20% of the volume tweezers tested do fail), but you still can use it for classic lash pick up or natural lash isolation here